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Brake Repair

Your diesel vehicle is a powerful machine and with that type of power, you need to know that you are in total control of your ride. That control starts with your braking and suspension systems. At O’Bryan Diesel Repair, we have everything it takes to help you ensure that your diesel vehicle steers, rides, and brakes the way that you want. In fact, for all your diesel needs in Parsons, Kansas, there isn’t anyone who can beat the quality of service and repair that you will find right here at our state-of-the-art repair facility.

Diesel Brake Service & Repair

In any vehicle, the braking system is absolutely crucial to the overall control and safety. From the brake fluid to the pads to the rotors, everything has to be able to work in sync to ensure that you are able to stop when you need to. The best way to avoid brake failure is with brake service and maintenance including inspections, fluid service, and having your pads changed on a regular basis.

At O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair we are able to provide all of those services and more. And when your braking system is failing, our ASE and ASA certified mechanics have all the expertise and equipment to get you back on the road safely. Some of the signs that you need to bring your vehicle in for brake repair include:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to the left or right when coming to a stop
  • A burning smell when you are driving
  • Squeaking, squealing, or grinding noises
  • A spongy or soft brake pedal
  • Changes in your vehicle’s braking behavior

If you notice any of these signs of brake trouble, don’t ignore them. Come see us today.

Diesel Suspension Service & Repair

The suspension system is something many people take for granted until it starts to fail. Most of us associate the suspension system with the comfort of our ride, but it is more than that. In addition to giving you a comfy ride, your suspension system also ensures that you have optimal control over your vehicle.

Your suspension system is made up of several components that all need to work together in harmony and when any of these parts are damaged, loose, or worn out, it can cause major trouble. Anytime you suspect that your suspension system is in trouble, our experts are here to help. Some of the signs of suspension trouble include:

  • Pulling to the left or right
  • A crooked or off-center steering wheel
  • Feeling every bump in the road
  • One corner of your vehicle is sagging or sitting lower
  • A feeling of looseness or wandering when steering
  • A rolling motion when turning or changing lanes

When it comes to diesel engines, O’Bryan Diesel Repair is available for all your braking and suspension needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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