Diesel Repair

At O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair in Parsons, KS, we know diesel engines. The pros at O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair in Parson and Pittsburg, KS, know these complicated and sophisticated engines inside and out. Using top-of-the-line tools and computer diagnostics, our team of experienced technicians knows exactly how to keep these engines in tip-top shape.

Diesel Engines

Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engine – Known for its heavy-duty hauling abilities, the Ford Powerstroke diesel engine is one of the industry-leading diesel engines. These engines are also among the most fuel-efficient diesel engines. When it comes to service or repairing a Ford Powerstroke diesel engine, O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair uses only Ford OEM parts.

Cummins Diesel Engine – Used in all types of trucks, Cummins diesel engines are both fuel-efficient and extremely powerful. These engines are also used in recreational and commercial marine vehicles. O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair in Parsons and Pittsburg, KS, can diagnose and fix any issues you may have with your Cummins diesel engine.

Light- vs. Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

At O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair, we repair diesel engines of all shapes, sizes, and brands. No matter what truck repair you might need, we got you covered. Diesel engines come in light- and heavy-duty models and the difference is size. Heavy-duty diesel engines are generally found in larger vehicles such as agricultural, construction, and manufacturing equipment. Light-duty diesel engines are more often found in the cars and trucks you’ll see on the road on your drive home, and some smaller industrial equipment. No matter which brand, which size, the experienced techs at O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair can fix them all and get you back to work!

Diesel Services Near Me

O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair offers a full menu of comprehensive diesel engine services. These include:

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Clutch and Transmission Services
  • Brake Service and Suspension
  • Engine Repair
  • Tire Services
  • Fleet Services
  • Wheel Alignment

No matter what service or repair your diesel engine vehicle needs, the team of techs at O’Bryan’s Diesel Repair can handle it!

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